CESL Application Form for
Intensive English Program (IEP) and University Track Pathway (UT)

Welcome to the CESL (Center of English as a Second Language).

We are happy that you have chosen to study with us. Please take a few minutes to fill out this application form.

In order to complete the IEP or U-Track Pathway application process you will need the following information to send to CESL:

CESL Application requirements:

Additional documents required for the Undergraduate University Track Pathway Program:

  • Must submit University of Arizona Conditional Admission letter
  • Must have ONE of the following a qualifying English Proficiency Score
    • TOEFL score (59 on the IBT) (no lower than 13 on any individual band)
    • IELTS score (5.5)
    • CEPT score (90)

Additional documents required for the Graduate University Track Pathway Program:

  • Documentation of completion of BA degree or equivalent
  • Must have ONE of the following a qualifying English Proficiency Score
    • TOEFL score (59 on the IBT) (no lower than 13 on any individual band)
    • IELTS score (5.5)
    • CEPT score (90)

Note for US citizen applicants: You do not need to submit financial documents

Refund Policy - Refunds are limited. For details, please see the refund policy on the web page: https://cesl.arizona.edu/discount-cancellation-and-refund-policies CESL gives no refunds except in documented, extenuating circumstances. All refunds must be approved by the program administrator. If payment was made by cash or check, refunds are processed through the University check request system. Note that this process can take 4-6 weeks. Credit card refunds are processed directly by CESL via credit back to the card that was used for payment. Classes canceled by CESL will be refunded in full with the original receipt.

Submitting fraudulent documents or falsifying information will result in denial of admission.

Please note: students whose placement exam results indicate that they cannot perform the following basic tasks in English may be required to enroll in, and pay for, additional tutoring and an alternate schedule. This decision is based on CESL’s placement test.

  • I know the English alphabet, and how to say numbers in English.
  • I can have a basic conversation in English, including information about my age, family, interests, people I know, and things I have.
  • I know basic time expressions in English (date, time of day, year).

ملاحظة رجاءاً : الطلاب الذين تشير نتائج اختبار تحديد مستواهم الى انهم غير قادرين على اداء المهام الاساسية التالية باللغة الانجليزية قد يستلزم أن يسجّلوا وأن يدفعوا كلفة دروس خصوصية إضافية وجدول بديل . هذا القرار يستند الى اختبار CESL لتحديد المستوى .

  • أنا أعرف الابجدية الانجليزية و كيفية لفظ الارقام باللغة الانجليزية .
  • يمكننى تكوين محادثة أساسية باللغة الانجليزية بما فى ذلك معلومات عن عمرى وعائلتي وهواياتي والناس الذين اعرفهم واشياء اخرى عندى .
  • أنا أعرف التعابير الزمنية الاساسية باللغة الانجليزية (التاريخ ووقت اليوم والسنة) .


  • 我知道英文字母表以及如何用英文表达数字。
  • 我可以用英文进行基本对话,话题包括我的年龄、家庭、兴趣、认识的人以及拥有的事物。
  • 我知道如何用基础的英文表达时间(日期、时刻、年份)。

Atenção: os alunos cujos resultados do exame de colocação indiquem que eles não estão aptos a realizarem as seguintes tarefas básicas em inglês talvez precisem se matricular e pagar por instrução adicional e obter um cronograma de aula alternativo. Tal decisão se baseia no teste de colocação do Centro de Inglês como Idioma Secundário (CESL).

  • Conheço o alfabeto em inglês e sei dizer os números em inglês.
  • Consigo manter conversas básicas em inglês, incluindo informações sobre a minha idade, a minha família, os meus interesses, as pessoas que conheço e as coisas que possuo.
  • Conheço expressões básicas sobre o tempo em inglês (data, horário, ano).

Por favor tome en cuenta que a los estudiantes cuya prueba de ubicación indica que no pueden realizar las siguientes tareas básicas en inglés se les puede solicitar inscribirse y pagar por tutoría adicional y/o un horario alternativo. Esta decisión se basa en la prueba de ubicación de CESL.

  • Tengo conocimiento del alfabeto en inglés y puedo decir los números en inglés.
  • Puedo tener una conversación básica en inglés, que incluya información sobre mi edad, familia, intereses, personas que conozco y cosas que tengo.
  • Tengo conocimiento de expresiones básicas en inglés (fecha, hora del día, año).


  • アルファベットを知っている、英語で数字を数えられる
  • 自分の年齢、家族について、興味・関心のあること、知人の話、自分の持ち物についてなど、基本的な英会話ができる
  • 英語の基本的な時間表現(日付、時間、年)を知ってる